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The life and times of @Cohoons_World ~¿Habla usted español? y si lo hace usted entenderá mi lema: pesca, cerveza fría y relajación .. ¿qué más hay?

“Casa Rodante” @Cohoons_World East

Oh BTW “Casa Rodante” (pronounced Casa Row-Tha-n-Tay) just means rolling house ;) I’m into Spanish if you’ve read my previous blogging attempts …okay so for the overview of the video … Continue reading

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“Bay City Fire Pit”

We decided to put in a permanent brick fire place this year. I took some rare fun photos of the making and christening maiden voyage of the “Bay City Fire … Continue reading

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“@CohoonsWorld 2013 Brew Count Review”

Just a small compilation of images I slung together (video style) with a song from Watsky called “sloppy seconds” ..featuring @cohoonsworld, a few select friends, places and family that ah … Continue reading

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“Valet the Blueberry Please”

To The Wayward Well we managed to Rangel away or borrow “The Blueberry” (..oh the Blueberry is what my wife and daughter affectionately dubbed my daughters new fuel efficient 2013 … Continue reading

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“The Apparition of a Golconda Grey”

The Surprise: Well the “big surprise” yes you know …I wrote about it in my last blog, oh come on you remember that teaser I left my loyal readers hanging … Continue reading

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“Fishing After Gods”

Chucking the boring and humdrum of everyday existence to escape into ones passion for life’s simpler pleasures doesn’t come around to many times in their hustle and bustle throughout the … Continue reading

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Easter Jam

Hmm …How does one make “Easter Jam”?!?! Well follow this absurd recipe closely, …we took a pinch of laughter, …a tbs of awesome food, …mixed in a generous amount of … Continue reading

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